Bullhorn understands that recruiters spend a lot of time in their email inbox and that’s why we’re updating Bullhorn for Email - so recruiters can do their job more efficiently.

With a fresh new look and increased functionality, the popular Bullhorn for Email is being updated with some of the same usability enhancements as S Release. Bullhorn’s new email integration will allow recruiters to move through their inbox faster so they can fill more jobs.


Recruiters will be able to enjoy enhancements including:

  • Multi-browser support for S Release users

  • Parsing Client Contacts and Jobs directly from their inbox

  • Improved workflow for Parsing Candidates

  • Attaching files to multiple records in the ATS/CRM

  • Automatic tracking of outbound messages as Notes in the ATS/CRM [contact Bullhorn support to enable this feature]

Navigation is simplified with S Release. All your candidates, contacts, tasks, and reports live in the “Menu” slideout for easy access to everything in Bullhorn.

Why did we do this? The old horizontal dropdown menus weren’t the friendliest. Navigation was cumbersome, jabbing new users with split-second "uhh — where do I go" hesitations.

So we consolidated everything into one big slideout and gave more real estate to your most common moves.

That’s how S Release users glide around Bullhorn effortlessly. 

Because every split second counts. 

S Release is Bullhorn’s cross-browser update that sets the new standard for speed, efficiency, and adoption. Currently in private beta, S Release users are already averaging 43% more placements thanks to a 3x faster experience.


Every morning it’s clockwork: Sit down at your desk. Stir your cup of coffee. Type your username and password into Bullhorn.

Your cursor hovers over the login button. With one click, you’re off and running out of the gates like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby.

At this point, you’re programmed more than the software itself. Click. Click. Type. Click. Misprescribed bifocals wouldn’t stop you from making that client submission.

Then there’s the morning something changes.

Where’d my search button go?


Change is how technology improves and evolves. Some of these changes shake the world — look at the rise of cloud-based applications (i.e. your ability to use Bullhorn from your browser). Some of these changes are smaller, but still manage to shake up your world.

At Bullhorn, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we weren’t constantly evolving as technology does.

To us, that’s what makes S Release exciting: Bullhorn on modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox is 3x faster. We’ve simplified so many loose ends and reduced 40% of clicks that our beta users are already making 43% more placements.

To you, it’s a new user interface that might sometimes break your pre-programmed routine.

So in addition to investing in speed and efficiency, we’ve also designed S Release to ease the learning curve. Whether you’re a veteran boolean power search ninja or a 22-year-old straight-outta-college newbie, the content in Bullhorn should allow you to hit the ground running.

That’s the goal and here are just a few of the ways we’re attempting to achieve it inside Bullhorn:

Here’s the first of several posts previewing S Release, Bullhorn’s cross-browser update that sets the new standard for speed, efficiency, and adoption. S Release is currently in private beta.


If you’re someone who’s task-oriented, this is for you.

While S Release includes hundreds of performance enhancements, the Tasks List takes the cake for biggest overall improvement. It’s faster and easier to use so you can spend less time fiddling with your list and more time on your actual to-dos.

Updating a task, its status, or due date has never been quicker. Whether you’re individually making changes in the list (above) or making changes to a whole bunch of tasks (below), any combination of tweaks is just a couple clicks away.